Let us maximize the technology to our advantage. See the list of benefits for Teachers / Professors and students below.

Teachers / Professors

  • Less Difficult – Sometimes we are afraid to explore new things because we don't want that much trouble on accessing things online and other stuff that we are not comfortable with doing. FLMS is easy! Navigations are in one place, easy to access plus forms are guided by pre-fill up examples.
  • Fast - Most of the functionalities are set for ease, which means teachers or professors can complete all activities or lesson planning in a much faster manner.
  • All Digital - FLMS is not only cost-effective to the school but also for the students since this is an online portal that only means all forms are presented in digital forms and with that photocopies or any other paper materials will be eliminated too.
  • Growth in Learning – Time inside your classroom is very limited, most of the time not all exciting topics are being discussed due to lack of time or different school activities with FLMS all recorded topics can be repeatedly watched, online classes scripts can be reviewed plus slides are also available for downloads.
  • Safe from Socially Acquired Sickness - Currently, we are all facing this crisis and fear of having this COVID-19 by being acquired by getting in touch with someone or got it from a large crowd or gatherings. FLMS is a great tool to achieve the same quality of education without risking our health of getting sick because the vaccine is not yet available in the market and there is an asymptomatic person that we may encounter along the way.
  • Protected Zone - features plus Secure Socket Layer signatures to protect the actual portal and all students' profiles, school information, and other important data of the institution.
  • System Support - Supporting FLMS will never be an issue because the portal is online which means we as the provider can easily access it, and check from anywhere we are the reported issues and resolve it in no time.


    • Since the platform is very user friendly, which only means that FLMS can easily be taught to lower elementary students.
    • Online resources are always available to all students at their convenience too.
    • Exchanging ideas is not only limited to teacher/professor students but also students to students' learnings.
    • FLMS also enhances critical thinking, analyzations, class collaboration to have a deeper and better understanding of any subject matter.
    • Unclear topics or discussions can always be repeated or replay through video access facilities of the system. In this way, the students will have his/her review and have it fully understood.
    • Students may immediately submit answers to quizzes and get prompted results in no time.
    • In a way, FLMS is also a social networking platform but more on school matters and not merely personal.
    • FLMS is available 24/7 to both students and teachers/professors to access using their laptops, personal computer, tablet, or mobile phone.
    • FLMS promotes student confidence in-class participation as most students are shy mostly in interpersonal approach so FLMS might the key for them to open up to teachers/professors and unleash their potentials.